Relationships over time

Relationships over time

Over a period our relationships tend to sour a bit. You have the relationship where the husband only acknowledges the wife when he wants sex or the woman only talks when she needs romance. After the event is over life continues on a path of separation. He watches TV, plays video games and watches sports into the late hours of the night. She watches Lifetime, Hallmark or some reality show until she falls asleep.

No one communicates the way they did during the dating stage. You ask yourself, how did we get here? That question is usually asked by the wife. The answer is pretty easy, what did the both of you stop doing? Men are visual, he loves you, but he is a visual creature. Every woman in the world knows and understands this until they are married. Now all of sudden he is shallow because he wants you to look a certain way.

He buys you flowers for no reason during the dating stage, writes poetry, stares into your eyes. He hates to get off the phone with you at night during the dating stage. He writes little notes, brings you lunch just because. After the wedding bells, she thinks you should accept whatever she gives you. He thinks the same way.

I know what most of you are thinking as far as looks. Why do I need to always look good for him? God created him to love what he sees before he knows you from the inside. Once he learns you from the inside, that does not change what he likes to see.

Give him what he wants, give her what she wants. Water the grass in your yard and I promise you it will be greener than ever. Only you two know what the other person wants and needs in the relationship. When you make a choice not to give, you are operating in a selfish attitude. The only thing that makes it hard is us. Respect him the way you did during the dating stage. Love her the way you did during the dating stage. No one is perfect, but there are many things we can fix if we would just remove ourselves from the center.

There are many things we can say about this short writing, but no matter what anyone comes up with, the bottom line is selfishness. If you made it work once you can make it work again. Water the grass, nothing grows without proper care. Eventually, everything dies without love, nutrition, and water.

I sent my wife some flowers at work a while back. She said all her co-workers were puzzled because they wanted to know why did I send them. Did I want sex? Did I do something wrong? I laughed. I sent them because she popped in my mind and I decided to do something I never do so show my love and appreciation for her. When she told me about all the responses, I was shocked I thought I would be hailed as a romantic hero lol, but nope I wanted something according to her co-workers.

Every living organism in the world has a bowl movement sooner are later. Maybe your relationship needs a movement to get rid of some unneeded waste.

Dr. Ryan O. Duncan